Leaving Your Dorm Soon? Put Items in Storage Until Housing Opens in a Few Months

28 March 2017
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Living in a dorm is sometimes a necessity for students. It is also a valuable opportunity because it makes it easy to socialize with other students, take part in school activities, and get to class quickly. But dorms do close at various points throughout the year, mainly during summertime. So, even if you plan on living in a dorm in the following school year, you will need to remove all your possessions. It is possible that you will be put into a different dorm room or building based on various factors. To get this done, you should consider renting a storage unit as it provides you with the most reliable storage solution.

Save Yourself from Re-Buying Items

One option for students is to sell their things before they must move out of the dorm. It may not be too hard for them to find temporary storage for a few boxes until they get their new dorm room. But you will save yourself from having to go through the trouble of buying everything again if you use a storage unit. In the same school, you will have the same rules regarding what you can bring, so you should have no problem bringing small appliances such as a microwave or coffee maker if it was allowed before. It is also nice to know that renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to protect your possessions.

Avoid Making Trips to Your Parents

Although you could store your items at your parents' house for several months, this may not be an ideal solution when they live far away and you know that you would need to take multiple trips. It would also require you to take several trips back to fill up your new dorm room with your belongings. But, do not hesitate to bring your most delicate items if you plan on renting a storage unit without climate control.

Bring Items Back Quickly

An excellent perk with having a storage unit near the college dorm is that you can retrieve items quickly. As soon as the dorms open, you can have your entire room set up in a matter of hours. This also allows you to determine the exact date that you will no longer need the storage unit to optimize your budget.

Renting storage for a few months in between school years is an ideal solution when living in a dorm. Talk to facilities like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage about your options.