A Storage Unit Is Useful When You Want To Spend A Few Years Living On A Boat Or In An RV

1 August 2019
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If you decide to live in an RV or on your boat and spend most of your time exploring new places, you're left with what to do with all of your belongings. Renting a storage unit could be the right way to handle your dilemma. Your things will be safe until you're ready to reclaim them and you won't have to clutter up your RV or boat with seasonal clothing and other items you don't need. Here's why renting a storage unit could be an ideal choice and some tips for using one.

Why Renting A Storage Unit Is A Good Plan

You probably don't want to pay rent on an apartment you won't live in, and you may not even want the expenses of maintaining a vacant house. You may even decide to sell your house for cash so you can buy your new boat or RV. While you might want to get rid of furniture and other large items, you'll still have some things that have sentimental value that you may want for your new home when you're finished exploring. You can rent a small or large storage unit depending on your needs, and either way, the cost would be a fraction of what you would pay to keep a house or apartment while you're away.

What To Think About When Storing Your Belongings

Consider how you'll use your storage unit. You may come back to it at the change of seasons so you can put away summer clothing and accessories and pull out your winter items. If so, you'll want your storage unit to be organized well so you don't have to dig through every box to find what you want. When you pack your belongings, think about what you'll want to come back and pick up in a few months and keep those things together in a few boxes so you can retrieve them easily. You can then use the same boxes to put away the old seasonal material so it is ready for next year.

On the other hand, you may want to keep everything in storage for the long term. It might be a few years before you return to get your items. In that case, taking precautions is a good idea. Be sure everything is completely dry before packing it away. Also, make sure your belongings are clean. These actions reduce the risk of mold and bugs taking up residence in your storage unit. However, you may also want to sprinkle around diatomaceous earth or other bug-killing products to keep the pests at bay.

It's also a good idea to downsize as much as possible before you pack your things into storage. Fewer belongings mean you'll be able to rent a smaller and less-expensive storage unit. Plus, you'll have an easier time organizing your things when you have less clutter.

For more information on storage units, contact a storage company.