A Storage Unit Is Useful When You Want To Spend A Few Years Living On A Boat Or In An RV

1 August 2019
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If you decide to live in an RV or on your boat and spend most of your time exploring new places, you're left with what to do with all of your belongings. Renting a storage unit could be the right way to handle your dilemma. Your things will be safe until you're ready to reclaim them and you won't have to clutter up your RV or boat with seasonal clothing and other items you don't need. Read More 

4 Tips For Going Through Your Living Room & Moving Unnecessary Items Into Storage

21 March 2019
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One of the advantages of having a storage unit is you have space to put items you don't need to use all the time out of the way. In order to fully utilize your storage unit, you are going to want to go through your home and determine what you need to store and make your space more organized. #1 Add Storage Space to Your Living Room Many living rooms are very open spaces. Read More 

Tips To Maintaining An Organized Home

3 October 2018
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To maintain an organized home, everything must have its place. If everything doesn't have its place, it will not have a place to be put away – that is the beginning of the end of organization. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help to expand your household storage and eliminate the clutter lying about. Creative Storage The kitchen and bathroom are two places in which there never seems to be enough storage. Read More 

3 Ways To Find More Room For All Your Stuff

18 June 2018
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Do you live in an apartment or smaller home and have a lot of things? Maybe you're a collector whose extra bedroom is being taken up by collectibles. Or maybe you are someone who simply can't pass up a sale, and now you've accumulated more personal belongings than you know what to do with. If you're quickly running out of room in your humble abode and are in dire need of some extra space, here are three things you can do to make it happen. Read More 

5 Steps For Cleaning Your Storage Unit

3 April 2018
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Many homes just don't have space for all the items that you need to get through the year. That is why self-storage units are so nice; they provide you with the extra storage space that you don't have at home and allow you to declutter storage areas in your home. Make sure that you spend a little time this spring cleaning up your storage unit if you have one. 1. Clean the Floors Read More