4 Tips To Help You Pack Your Boxes For Storage

6 September 2017
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When you move your belongings into a storage unit, you want to make sure that you pack up everything carefully so that you can find your belongings and so that you can ensure that your belongings are safe inside of your storage unit. #1 Make A List For Each Box Keep track of what you put inside of each box. Give each box a number. As you pack up a box, make a list of everything that is inside of the box. Read More 

Tips For Packing Your Self-Storage Unit Before A Big Move

26 May 2017
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Whether you need to move across the country or you simply no longer need storage space, you may find yourself needing to pack up the items you have tucked away in self-storage. Use this guide to plan and organize your packing as you get ready to move. Declutter Go through the items stored in the unit to determine if you still need everything you've stored away. For example, you may have a few boxes of hand-me-down children's clothing that was never used again, or you might have sporting goods that rarely get used. Read More 

Top 4 Tips For Storing Furniture In A Storage Unit

4 April 2017
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Storage units are an easy and convenient way to store your belongings on a long-term basis. But if you want your items to come out of storage in great condition, it is important to prepare your items properly, especially furniture. If you plan to put multiple pieces of furniture in a storage unit in the near future, use the following tips: Clean in Advance Prior to putting furniture in storage, everything should be thoroughly cleaned. Read More 

Leaving Your Dorm Soon? Put Items in Storage Until Housing Opens in a Few Months

28 March 2017
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Living in a dorm is sometimes a necessity for students. It is also a valuable opportunity because it makes it easy to socialize with other students, take part in school activities, and get to class quickly. But dorms do close at various points throughout the year, mainly during summertime. So, even if you plan on living in a dorm in the following school year, you will need to remove all your possessions. Read More 

Long-Term Storage Suggestions

27 March 2017
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When you intend to put items in a storage unit for a long time, it is important to make sure that they will be safe during that period. You should opt for a unit that has security in place, such as controlled access gates or surveillance cameras. However, you must also consider the environment that your items will be stored in. Choose a storage unit that has a thermostat so you can maintain the temperature at a level that is safe for your belongings. Read More