2 Things To Do With Empty Liquor Bottles

27 May 2016
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For many Americans, alcoholic beverages play a central role in celebrating special events like birthdays or weddings. Serving alcohol at a party can leave you with a lot of empty liquor bottles to get rid of. Before you discard these bottles in the recycle bin, try to think of ways that you can repurpose them around your home.

Here are two simple things you can do with empty liquor bottles to give them new life inside your home in the future.

1. Create some decorative candles.

Many liquor companies spend a significant amount of money designing labels that are aesthetically pleasing. As a result, the labels on many liquor bottles could be considered miniature works of art. You can proudly display this artwork in your home by creating decorative candles using empty liquor bottles.

Start by finding some bottles with labels you find enjoyable. Remove the neck of the bottle by soaking a string in lighter fluid and tying it around the bottle where you want it to split. Light the string on fire, keep it lit until you hear the bottle crack, then rinse under cold water. The neck will fall off and you can use some sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.

Add some candle wax and a wick to the bottom of the bottle, and you will have a unique decorative candle to display in your home.

2. Create a unique serving dish.

You can use an empty wine bottle to create a unique dish that can be used to serve food at your next party.

Start by removing the label from your wine bottle by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and 10 to 12 drops of liquid dish soap. Once the label and any adhesive residue have been completely removed, place your wine bottle in a kiln set to 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't preheat the kiln, since placing a glass bottle in a heated kiln could cause it to shatter rather than melt as the kiln slowly reaches maximum temperature.

Allow the bottle to bake in the kiln for one hour, then shut the kiln off and let the bottle cool inside for 24 hours. Once the cooling period has expired, remove the bottle and add some decorative beads to the neck. The end result is a flattened bottle that can be used as a whimsical serving dish in the future.

Finding simple ways to repurpose your empty liquor bottles will help you free up recycling space and add some neat items to your home.

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