Tips for Choosing a Storage Unit

27 May 2016
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If you are in between houses or simply running out of room around your house to store all your belongings, then you need to look into renting a storage unit. While you might think that doing so is as easy as finding a storage locker that is within convenient driving distance of your house, you need to pay attention to the amenities and security that different facilities offer in order to choose one that will keep your belongings save from the elements and thieves. 


Because storage facilities have dozens or hundreds of lockers in one location, they can be a temptation to thieves. Thus, you need to make sure that security features at any facility you use are top notch. For starters, look for lighting and cameras. The lighting should be designed so that there are no dark corners that will offer cover for thieves to go to work, and you need to make sure that cameras cover all the nooks and crannies in the facility. You should also look for a masonry wall around the facility and a gate with a guard on duty. Last, you should look for a unit that has an alarm code for each locker so that even if a thief manages to get past the gate and your lock, the alarm on your unit will sound and draw the guard's attention. 

Outdoor Lockers

If you are storing a motorcycle, yard machines, or other items that are designed to handle rough wear, then you should be fine storing your belongings in an outdoor locker. Still, you may want to put a piece of plastic sheeting over your belongings so that they don't get covered with dust that can be hard to remove. 

Indoor, Climate-Controlled Lockers

If you have sensitive property, such as a piano, electronic equipment, or artwork, be aware that leaving your belongings in an outdoor locker can subject them to changes in temperature and humidity. Thus, you should put delicate items in an indoor, climate-controlled locker. You will typically have less space in an indoor locker, but they still make sense for protecting sensitive items. 

When you put your whole household in a storage locker or lockers, your first concern might be making sure your belongings are safe from thieves, but you also need to take into consideration how mother nature can destroy your belongings. While you might pay more for a locker that is highly secure and climate controlled, the peace of mind is worth it. Find a self-storage facility through a website like to get started.