Long-Term Storage Suggestions

27 March 2017
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When you intend to put items in a storage unit for a long time, it is important to make sure that they will be safe during that period. You should opt for a unit that has security in place, such as controlled access gates or surveillance cameras. However, you must also consider the environment that your items will be stored in. Choose a storage unit that has a thermostat so you can maintain the temperature at a level that is safe for your belongings. Take a look at the suggestions below in regards to storing items inside of a storage unit.

Place Items in the Unit Strategically

Keeping your items safe in a storage unit partially depends on how you place them inside. For instance, if you need to store mattresses, it is wise to stand them up straight. You don't want the mattresses to be slumped over because they might not be easy to straighten back up when they are removed from the unit. You might also want to put a protectant on items that are made of metal, such as oil to prevent rust. Dry up any water that is inside of appliances before they are stored away, as it can prevent mold developing from moisture.

Be Careful About What Is Stored in the Unit

You should not only be careful about what is placed inside of a storage unit, but also keep in mind that some things might actually be prohibited. Before placing items inside of a storage unit, you can contact the storage facility to ask about their rules. For instance, it will likely be against the rules to store ammunition and guns inside of your storage unit. This is because they are too hazardous. Storing flammable fluids such as gas will likely be prohibited as well.

Keep the Temperature in the Unit Average

When you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, it does not automatically mean that your items will be safe. You must keep in mind that setting the thermostat too high or low can still cause harm to your belongings. It is in your best interest to keep the temperature inside of the unit at an average level. You don't want your items to be exposed to extreme temperatures, as items that are made of wood and metal can get damaged. A climate-controlled unit is also the best way to keep pests out, as many pests are attracted to certain temperatures. 

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