4 Tips To Help You Pack Your Boxes For Storage

6 September 2017
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When you move your belongings into a storage unit, you want to make sure that you pack up everything carefully so that you can find your belongings and so that you can ensure that your belongings are safe inside of your storage unit.

#1 Make A List For Each Box

Keep track of what you put inside of each box. Give each box a number. As you pack up a box, make a list of everything that is inside of the box. Try to write down the estimated value of each item that you put inside of the box if you are going to insure your belongings in your storage unit. This list will help you show what you have in your storage unit.

Next, create labels for the outside of your box that list everything that you put inside of it. That way, if you ever lose your list, you just have to look at the outside of the box to figure out what is inside of it.

#2 Stick To Uniform Sizes

Do not use a bunch of different sizes of boxes. Try to stick to two or three different sizes of boxes for all of your belongings. Using only a couple sizes of boxes to pack all of your belongings up will make it easier to stack and organize your boxes within your storage unit.

Reducing the number of size of the boxes that you use will make it easier for you to maximize the space inside of your storage unit.

#3 Vary The Weight

When filling up boxes for your storage unit, be sure to vary the weight. Don't fill one box all the way with heavy items and only put super light items in another box. If those boxes end up stacked up on one another, they could crush one another.

Try to give each box you pack a heavy base and add lighter items on top. Keeping the weight more evenly distributed in all of your boxes will make it easier for you to stack and arrange the boxes in your storage unit.

#4 Seal With Packing Tape

To keep dust out of your belongings, make sure that you seal up each box that you pack. Use packing tape to seal off the top of the box. Packing tape is one of the best ways to ensure that your boxes stay sealed and that dust doesn't creep in around the edges of your box. 

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