Need A Storage Unit Quickly? Search Around For The Right Features

12 February 2018
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When you gradually add more items to your home, you may conclude that you need to rent a storage unit after enough buildup. The idea of renting a storage unit may come up early on, which gives you a few weeks or months to think about what you want in a storage unit and company.

But, some situations may have you needing a storage unit immediately. For instance, a fire or flood in your home can require moving out for weeks or months until the problem is resolved. If you need fast storage, you should prioritize certain features to have a positive experience.

Same-Day Availability

The first demand that you should have is same-day availability. Although you may like what some storage companies are offering, they may not have any immediate storage unit openings. In other circumstances, you may have no problem waiting a month or two for an opening. But, you need to make sure that any storage company you consider can accommodate your needs right away.

Packing Supplies

When you need to move items from one place into a storage unit quickly, you may not have enough time to gather boxes, put everything neatly inside, and then take them to the unit. An ideal solution is when a storage company carries packing supplies that you can purchase. This will allow you to put all the items into your vehicle and head to the storage complex immediately.

Once there, you can take your time with picking out the right packing supplies and organizing everything into boxes so that you do not end up damaging or breaking any possessions.

Rentable Equipment

From your vehicle, you can organize the items into boxes. But, then you will have a collection of boxes that you need to bring from the car to the storage unit. Being able to rent moving supplies such as a furniture dolly or hand truck is great for reducing the load and speeding up the process.

Instead of carrying every box to the unit, you can put three or four boxes on the hand truck. Then, you can wheel the truck where your storage unit is to avoid excessive physical exertion.

Lengthy Operating Hours

Another helpful quality that you should look for with storage companies is lengthy operating hours. Even though you may be in a rush, you may not have much free time in the day. So, you will appreciate being able to visit in the evening to transfer your belongings to a storage unit.

Prioritizing these features will make it easy to rent and fill a storage unit quickly. Contact a facility, like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, for more help.