5 Steps For Cleaning Your Storage Unit

3 April 2018
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Many homes just don't have space for all the items that you need to get through the year. That is why self-storage units are so nice; they provide you with the extra storage space that you don't have at home and allow you to declutter storage areas in your home. Make sure that you spend a little time this spring cleaning up your storage unit if you have one.

1. Clean the Floors

The first thing that you should do when you got to your storage unit is pull everything out of your storage unit and start by cleaning the floors. Dust and debris can accumulate on the floors over time, and having a clean floor is crucial to a clean storage environment. Sweep and mop the floor in your storage unit.

2. Clean the Walls

Second, after you clean the floor, wipe down the walls. You can use a duster to clean the walls, or a damp rag and a bucket of warm water if the walls look really dirty. Finish by looking up and removing any cobwebs that may have developed in the corners. Keeping your storage unit as clean as possible will help keep destructive critters out of your storage unit.

3. Clean off Your Boxes

The boxes and items that you keep in your storage unit can develop a nice layer of dust on them overtime. If you don't want to wipe a thick layer of dust off your items every time you pull them out to use them, being proactive is the best step. Use some damp clothes or cleaning wipes to dust off and clean all of your boxes and other storage items.

4. Check the Seals

As you dust your boxes, check the seals and conditions of your boxes. Make sure that the lids still fit properly or that the box is taped up right. Check for damage to the boxes as well. Any box that has a hole in it or has been damaged in any way should be replaced.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Labeled

Next, make sure that all of your boxes are labeled. If you come across a box that is not labeled, open it up, go through it, and label the box. Then, make sure that you create a master list of each box that is inside of your storage unit as well as what is inside of each box. This list will be useful for insurance purposes should anything happen to your storage unit or the contents inside of your storage unit.

Make some time this spring to clean out your storage unit. This is a great way to protect your belongings and to make sure that you know everything that is inside of your storage unit. Contact a company like East "O" Street Self Storage LLC for more information and assistance.