Tips To Maintaining An Organized Home

3 October 2018
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To maintain an organized home, everything must have its place. If everything doesn't have its place, it will not have a place to be put away – that is the beginning of the end of organization. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help to expand your household storage and eliminate the clutter lying about.

Creative Storage

The kitchen and bathroom are two places in which there never seems to be enough storage. Fortunately, those are also the spaces that have the most storage options for you to consider. You can go out and find shelving units and storage cubbies that will work to organize your things, or you can get creative and use traditional storage items in ways that they weren't exactly designed to be used.

For example, instead of having some baskets set on the kitchen counter to store all of your coffee supplies, pick up a few removable-hooks (Command Hooks) and mount the baskets to the backsplash above your countertop. This keeps everything up off of the counter which will make it easier for you to keep clean and eliminates the look of clutter on the counter.

Eliminate Unused Items

How many things do you have around your home that you don't really use? Start with the spices in your kitchen cabinet. Chances are, there are at least a few containers that are beyond the use by date and could be tossed out – if you dig a little deeper, surely, you'll find a few more things that you haven't used for a while and will probably never use.

Spend some time going through all of the cluttered up spaces in your home. Remove the things that you haven't used and put them in a box to go through again later.

Now, as you go through that box, decide if the item is worth keeping, selling or if it just belongs in the trash. The things that you aren't sure if you're ready to let go of yet can be moved into a storage unit near your home – or organized on a shelving unit in your basement, garage or attic – as long as the temperature is somewhat moderated, the items should do well for a while.

Start picking and choosing what you need to have around the house. If it doesn't have a place, give it a place. If you can't find a use, get rid of it. Soon, you'll have the organized, de-cluttered space you need for a low-stress lifestyle.