4 Tips For Going Through Your Living Room & Moving Unnecessary Items Into Storage

21 March 2019
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One of the advantages of having a storage unit is you have space to put items you don't need to use all the time out of the way. In order to fully utilize your storage unit, you are going to want to go through your home and determine what you need to store and make your space more organized.

#1 Add Storage Space to Your Living Room

Many living rooms are very open spaces. Most living rooms don't have their own closet or built-in cabinets for storing items, which is why you need to add your own storage space to your living room. Ottomans are a great alternative to coffee tables and have the advantage of providing storage space as well. If you really like coffee tables, purchase an enclosed coffee table with a lid so you can store some things out of sight.

For a less elegant storage solution, you can put pillows and other soft items behind your couch if it rests up against the wall.

#2 Add a Waste Basket to Your Living Room

Some of the junk that accumulates in your living room is just trash. It is amazing how stuff can accumulate all out of a desire to avoid picking up trash and taking it all the way to another room to throw away. Help keep your space organized by adding a small and stylish trash can that matches the overall color and theme of the space in your living room.

#3 Move Papers Into Storage

Papers can easily clutter up your living room. Have a dedicated space for magazines, and rotate magazines out at the end of each month.

In your storage unit, have a dedicated filing cabinet for all the regular paperwork and magazines you want to save. Once a month, move any unnecessary paper out of your living room and into your filing cabinets in your storage unit.

#4 Move Seasonal Items into Storage

Finally, not everything in your living room needs to be there all the time. These are the items you should move to storage.

For example, if you have Christmas-themed blankets you like to get out for the holiday season, you don't need to keep these items in your living room all year round. It's the same with holiday or seasonal decorations you like to put out to change the feeling of your living room. None of these seasonal decorative items need to be stored in your living room year-round.

Pack these items up into labeled boxes and move them to your storage unit. Swap different seasonal items in and out of your storage unit as necessary. This will give you more space to live in and will make your living room a more enjoyable place to hang out.

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