Prepare Your Storage Area For Easy Assessibility

25 August 2020
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If your shop is being renovated, but you still plan on shipping and delivering wares while the project is underway, acquiring a storage area will allow you to remain productive. If a sales staff member or your delivery driver is going to need to acquire products that are temporarily stored off site, it is critical to secure a storage unit that is accessible and to organize the products that will be kept inside of the unit or facility.

Decide What Is Going

Your business inventory may be kept inside of various parts of your shop, including a separate room that is in the back of your business. Moving furnishings, racking systems, and machinery may not be beneficial, especially if you will likely not have a use for all of these items while the renovations are underway.

To minimize the amount of storage space that you will need and to aid with keeping everything neatly contained, keep all of the overstock and large items inside of one of your shop's rooms and plan on moving items that have a high probability of being sold while the renovation project is underway. With the amount of items that are being transported, you can pinpoint how large of a storage area you need.

Remember, you will be bringing all of the items into the unit and will also be presented with bringing items back to your shop, if they do not sell while the renovations are being made. A storage unit that requires the use of a staircase may not seem too favorable after making several trips up and down the steps. 

Look for a rental unit that is on the ground level or that is located within a facility. Choose a storage arrangement that you can access at any time and inquire about obtaining a second key card or key, so that you can give one to an employee who will need to access some items that are in storage.

Stock Your Unit

Move your belongings into the storage space in a methodical manner. Place bulky and heavy items along the back wall and avoid stacking items up real high, since this could make it difficult for you or an employee to retrieve specific products. Keep a list of everything that is being moved into the unit and update the list, as things are sold and moved out of storage. Leave a pathway between each row of products and supply your employee with a handcart, so that they can easily transport multiple boxes or heavy items.