Self Storage And Your Shoe Collection

5 April 2021
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Do you have too many shoes to keep in your closet? Whether you have a small space at home or a footwear collection that's grown beyond your space, take a look at what you need to know about the uses and benefits of self-storage.

Why Use Off-Site Storage?

Extra space is the most obvious reason to rent a storage unit for your shoes. Not only will a rental facility give you the added area you need to de-clutter your bedroom, guest room, closet, or anywhere else you keep your shoes, this off-site option also provides the space your fashion-forward footwear needs.

While piling pair on top of pair may seem like a space-saving strategy at home, this can damage your shoes permanently. A secondary storage site offers the square footage you need to spread your shoes out in a safe way.

When Should You Use Off-Site Storage?

There's no universal answer to this question. Some of the most popular times to use an off-site rental include when your shoe collection grows too large for your home or closet space, for out-of-season storage, or during a home renovation.

How To Use Off-Site Storage

Now that you know why to use off-site storage for your shoes, it's time to take the next step and learn more about how to store your footwear. Again, stacking shoes on top of one another may cause damage. Instead of tossing your shoes into one container, carefully place each pair in its own box. If you have the original packaging, use this to store your shoes. But if you didn't save the shoe boxes, pack your footwear in similarly-sized individual containers, or use one plastic bin with cardboard dividers.

Before you store your shoes, make sure to properly clean and fully dry each pair. The cleaning method you use depends on what the shoes are made from. Consult the manufacturer's cleaning instructions or use material directions to remove debris, stains, or smells from the footwear. Never store wet or damp shoes. Dampness can promote mold growth in storage. This will leave your shoes, and possibly the storage unit, with an odd odor or damage the footwear permanently.

If the shoes are made from leather or another temperature and humidity-sensitive material, you may want to consider climate-controlled storage. This type of unit won't get too hot, too cold, too damp, or too dry. The constant climate controls can stop your leather shoes, sandals, or boots from drying out and cracking or growing mold and mildew while in storage.