What You Can Store In Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

14 June 2021
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Standard self-storage units work well for most personal and business items. However, some things demand special requirements to prevent damage and deterioration. It's frustrating to find your possessions damaged by humidity, heat, or cold, which is why you should consider climate-controlled options for the items below.

Wood and Leather Furniture

Wood furniture cracks and splits with temperature and humidity changes. Humidity is especially harmful as it encourages mold growth and causes warping. Similarly, leather is sensitive to temperature changes. If you live in a locality with drastic weather changes, store your leather furniture in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. 

Additionally, furniture pieces with fabric are prone to developing mold and mildew in humid conditions. Climate-controlled self-storage is also ideal for furniture with metal components to prevent rust.

Artwork and Paintings

There are many risks when storing paintings and artwork. For example, the canvas can stretch and slacken due to sudden temperature and humidity changes. Over time, the paint cracks and starts flaking off, while high humidity facilitates mold growth. Metal sculptures are also at risk since they will corrode in standard storage units.

Climate-controlled self-storage units protect family photos, art supplies, and paintings from deterioration and mold growth. 


For wine collectors, preserving their vintages is a priority. Temperature control is the most critical concern, as warm temperatures can age the wine and affect its taste. Also, cold temperatures dry out the corks. 

Thus, getting a climate-controlled self-storage unit with the correct temperatures to store your wine is essential. Wine is also vulnerable to light exposure, and you should keep your collection in boxes and drawers.  

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments often carry hefty price tags, and you no doubt expect them to last for many years. Self-storage is a convenient option when you run out of space to store pianos, guitars, drum kits, and trumpets. However, musical instruments are sensitive to sudden temperature changes and exposure to cold and heat. 

The last thing any musician wants is to open their storage unit and find warped, cracked, or out-of-tune instruments. A climate-controlled self-storage unit keeps your treasured instruments in good shape and free of mold and mildew.

Files and Documents

If your business has lots of files, consider climate-controlled self-storage to store them safely. Humidity causes sensitive documents like financial records and administrative papers to discolor and fade. Over time, tax files and other documents will become illegible and present a host of other problems for your business. 

The best part about renting climate-controlled self-storage units is you can store sensitive business inventory. The units are also ideal for storing personal documents like birth and marriage certificates, contracts, and wills. 

For more information, contact a local business that offers self storage services.